Examination CCE

In Examination CCE module of School ERP Solution – "ERPNEXTGEN - School" following features are there:-


01. Defining of different grading scales.
02. Defining of Different type of Examination Heads (Formative Assessment / Summative Assessment) and their weightages.
03. Linking of Subjects and Skills to the classes.
04. Linking of indicators to the Skills.
05. Marks entry on basis of Examination Heads.
06. Grades for the skills and indicator selections on individual student basis as well as group basis.


01. CCE Report as per the CBSE format for classes (9-10, 6-8, 3-5, 1-2).
02. Test wise report.
03. Term wise report.
04. Subject wise reports on the basis of Test or Term.
05. Graphical reports.


Online version of School ERP Solution Released


1. Student Details
2. Teacher Profile
3. Examination
4. Fees
5. Photo gallery
6. Activities & Circulars
7. Attendence & Health
8. Email & SMS
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