In Admissions module of College & Institute ERP Solution – "ERPNEXTGEN - College & Institute" following features are there:-


01. Enquiries received for particular class and session.
02. Prospectus Sale.
03. Status of the enquires.


01. Registrations done class wise.
02. Registration fee records.
03. Previous school details.
04. Reports on class wise basis.
05. Reports on student type basis.


01. No. Of Admissions completed for particular class & session.
02. Allocating classes, Sections, Roll No's, Houses & Optional subjects to the students.
03. Consolidated and individual Admission reports.
04. Printing of Admission forms.
05. Printing of Student strength report class wise.
06. Class, Section & House Report.
07. Printing of labels.


Online version of School ERP Solution Released


1. Student Details
2. Teacher Profile
3. Examination
4. Fees
5. Photo gallery
6. Activities & Circulars
7. Attendence & Health
8. Email & SMS
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